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Bridgestone Tyres in Bahrain at RMK Tyres

Get a superior grip on the highways at extreme high and low temperatures. Bridgestone tyres in Bahrain for light trucks, vans, trucks and buses help you achieve just that.

RMK Tyres provides for heavy vehicle applications like container cargo, general cargo, frigo truck, dump truck, car carrier, tanker, bus, waste truck, cement mixer and coach. The Bridgestone tyres come into three categories depending on the road quality as all- purpose, mild off and on/off. The on/off category even caters to trucks running on sand. If you want to steer your primary vehicle you get multiple options. On similar lines, you get options for your long distance drive and the trailer tyres as well.

Bridgestone tyres offer high resistance to irregular wear. The threads on Bridgestone tyres are created with a compound rubber to offer excellent resistance to cutting and chopping. Moreover, they provide heat resistance on hot road surfaces during high temperatures. The tubeless models of Bridgestone tyres are for highway applications.

Tyre Sizes available in Bridgestone are 15”, 16”, 17.5”, 18”, 19.5”, 20”, 22.5”, 24”. Bridgestone has tyres for every different application and we at RMK tyres provide you with a complete tyre buying guide, care and installation and maintenance of your Bridgestone Tyres in Bahrain.

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