Tyre types

Understanding the types of tyres available in the markets will help you make the right choice. Tyre types can be grouped by their application: Cars and Minivans, Trucks and SUV, and Winter Tyres.

Tyre Types for Cars and Minivans

Passenger tyres

Passenger tyres are among the most cost-effective tyre types available. These types of tyres are specially designed to suit passenger vehicles, and are characterised by higher profiles, cheap car services lower speed ratings, comfortable tread patterns and tread wear guaranteed ranging from 30,000 to 85,000 miles or more.

Touring tyres

Touring tyres feature enhanced performance blended with excellent ride quality. Touring tyres have a slightly lower profile, and the widest range of speed ratings. They sport predominantly all season tread designs that emphasize on comfort and optimal tread wear guarantee.

Performance tyres

Performance tyres are specialty tyres that customers choose to enhance the look and low speed traction of their vehicles. They are characterized by low speed ratings, with all season treads that emphasize on low speed traction and handling. The tread wear guarantees range from 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

High Performance tyres

High Performance tyre design extends high speed handling and stability. They have a lower profiles and large diameters which provides improved cornering response. They also have high speed ratings and tread designs that emphasize on mazimum contact patch. They also have sidewall enhancements and other optimal cheap tyres specifications that provides high speed stability.

Ultra High Performance tyres

Ultra High Performance tyres push material and tyre design technology to the limit. These are the tyres for today’s sophisticated sports cars, cheap car tyre and sedans. They have the lowest profiles attainable by designs and material technology. They have high speed ratings, with high speed and directional tread designs, specifically to deliver a smooth, quite ride.

Competition tyres

Competition tyres are built for racing classifications that require a DOT-approved tyre. While legal for the street, the racing compounds and virtually groove-free designs make these tyres impractical for most users. They have maximum tread depths that deliver improved racing traction. They are specially designed to provide maximum traction during acceleration.

Tyre Types for Trucks and SUVs

AP tyres

Often referred to as All-Purpose or Mud and Snow designs, the AP type tyres are the original tyre choice for many of today’s vehicles. The all season tread designs provide optimal traction all year round. They have a wide range of tyre width, thus increasing load carrying capabilities, and provide up to 40,000 miles of service.

Sport Truck tyres

Sport Truck tyres bring sports car handling to the truck and SUV marketplace, yet they are built to handle the suspensions and load carrying capacities of trucks. The all season tread provide optimal traction all year round. The wide tyres have good load carrying capabilities and have good speed ratings as well.

All Terrain tyres

All Terrain tyres are a step up in off-road traction from the AP designs. Most users are willing to accept the highway ride trade off in order to get the additional traction. All Terrain tyres have a tread design with larger blocks and greater void for a better cleanout of mud. They have a wide selection of sizes, and wear longer, thus providing quite ride over the roads.

Mud Terrain tyres

Mud Terrain designs represent the extreme in traction tyres that are still acceptable for highway use. They sport a tread design that feature the largest possible block sizes and high void ratio. They also have a wide range of sizes, and are highly durable.