Tyre tread depth

Full to Mid Tread Depth • Good

  • Performance and traction are satisfactory

Mid to Minimum Tread Depth • Caution

  • Wet traction diminishes and hydroplaning increases
  • Performance diminishes for traction and snow tyres

Minimum or Less Tread Depth • Unsafe Condition

  • 90% of tyre problems occur in the last 10% of tread wear
  • Wear bars are flush with surface at 2/32”, indicating 100% tread wear
  • Strongly recommend replacement

Measuring Tyre Tread Depth

The distance measured in the tread groove of the tyre from the base of the groove to the top of the tread. Tread depth is measured on all parts of the tread area:

  • Inside
  • Center
  • Outside

The lowest measurement is considered the bridgestone tyre tread depth.

Determine When You Need to Replace Your Tyres

Tyres are considered to be worn out at 2/32″ minimum tread depth.

In wet conditions, 4/32″ or less tread means a significant loss of wet traction due to shallower grooves and sipes.